SMART RENT – Calmar srl, with its registered office in Olbia Via A Cesti, 8, rents the vehicle to the Renter subject to the terms and conditions set out on the front page and below.


The Renter acknowledges that the vehicle is in good overall condition and without apparent defects and that they will return it with all documents and accessories in the same condition to SMART RENT on the date designated on the front page hereof. SMART RENT reserves the right to terminate the agreement and repossess the vehicle at any time at the Renter’s expense if the vehicle is used in breach of Article 5 below.


In the event of loss or damage to the vehicle while on rental, the Renter shall pay on demand the amount of all resulting loss and expense, unless the Renter has complied with all the terms and conditions herein.


The Renter shall pay or reimburse SMART RENT on demand the sum of:

a) time charges computed at the rates shown;

b) any charges for refueling, Collision Damage Waiver, Personal Accident Insurance (“PAI”), and/or any other standard or miscellaneous charges applicable at the rates shown or in the current tariff;

c) in the eventual need to complete washing of the vehicle for irresponsible conduct to cover expenses;

d) SMART RENT costs, including reasonable legal fees, incurred in collecting payments due from the Renter hereunder;

e) any fines, penalties, court costs, or other expenses imposed on SMART RENT by law arising from the use of the vehicle while on rental to the Renter unless SMART RENT is at fault; but this shall not relieve the Renter or any other person of direct responsibility to any public body for their own unlawful conduct. The Renter agrees to accept the debit to their credit card account of any charges incurred.


Insofar as permitted by law, SMART RENT cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered by the Renter or by third parties in connection with the operation of the vehicle, or loss or damage to Renter’s property left in the vehicle or for loss or inconvenience resulting from delivery delays, breakdown, or any other causes beyond SMART RENT’s control.


The Renter must look after the vehicle carefully and particularly must not allow it to be used:

a) to carry persons for hire;

b) to propel or tow any vehicle, trailer, or other object;

c) in any race, test, or contest;

d) while the Renter or driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, narcotics, barbiturates, or any other substance impairing their consciousness or ability to react;

e) in contravention of any customs, traffic, or other regulations;

f) or driven by any person other than the person signing this rental agreement, unless such person has been previously designated and authorized by SMART RENT in the space provided;

g) outside Italy without SMART RENT’s authorization and any appropriate additional insurance.


SMART RENT provides insurance coverage for persons using the vehicle with the permission of SMART RENT (and not otherwise) in accordance with an automobile liability insurance policy, which is available for inspection.


Any accidents must be immediately reported to the police and UBI RENT within 24 hours. An Accident Report Form must be completed upon return of the vehicle, or upon request. Renters should not acknowledge liability and should obtain details of witnesses and other vehicles involved, where possible. Renters agree to cooperate with SMART RENT and SMART RENT insurers in any investigation or legal proceedings. Additional insurance coverage is voided in the event of findings by the relevant authorities regarding non-compliance with Italian laws, making the customer fully responsible for the amount of damages incurred to the rental vehicle. The customer undertakes to return the car and keys to the location and within the timeframe indicated in the rental letter, with all accessories and in the same condition as received. Group “A” vehicles must always be returned to the original rental station.


Whoever signs this agreement, either in their name or on behalf of another person or entity, shall be jointly and severally responsible with their principal for the obligations to SMART RENT.


We accept major credit cards and cash. VAT at 22% will be applied, unless otherwise specified.


The cost of fuel is the responsibility of the customer. If the vehicle is delivered with a full tank and returned without it, the cost of refuelling, in addition to the price of the missing fuel, will be charged. The cost for this service is €15.00 + VAT.

Minimum Age

The minimum age for renting a car is 23 years old and a valid Category B license issued for at least 1 year is required. It is possible to rent at 21 years old, with the same terms, only for groups B/C7K, with an additional cost of €15.00 + VAT per day.

Second Driver

The vehicle can be driven by a person other than the Lettera di Noleggio holder, subject to a supplement of €5.00 + VAT per day.

Delivery and Return

Delivery of the car outside of business hours will result in an additional cost of €25.00 + VAT.


SMART RENT reserves the right not to provide a replacement car without providing a specific reason.

Extension of Rental

If the customer wishes to extend the rental beyond the expiry date, they must inform the rental station immediately to allow for extension of the insurance coverage.

Lost Keys

In case of lost or broken keys, a charge of €155.00 + VAT will be applied.

Administrative Fee

€45.00 + VAT applicable in case of an accident if the customer does not provide the friendly accident report (CID) perfectly completed in every part.


Charge of €250.00 + VAT in case of an accident with liability to third parties, even with subscription to the SuperCover policy.


  • 100 km per day
  • Iva 22%


  • Delivery out of town € 25,00  
  • Collection out of town € 25,00 
  • Child seat € 15,00 per day with a 4 days maximum charges
  • Refuelling service charge € 15,00
  • GPS € 10,00 per day
  • One way € 100,00


  • € 1.200,00 groups B, C, D, F, K
  • € 1.500,00 groups  J HUX

SUPERCOVER is an additional daily coverage.

SUPERCOVER glass breakage and tires are not included



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